As a financial services company, ANSIG offers to its 65 thousand customers, individuals and corporates, insurance products for a wide range for all lines of business, designed to protect them from any risk.

With the rapid changes of today’s world, remaining faithful to the principles of integrity and responsibility is more important than ever. As a company that takes responsibility for a large number of clients, to act in a sustainable way it is the focus of our mission.

We work in the insurance business, and we are very aware that many people are suspicious of the insurance. They believe that insurance companies aim to collect large amounts of money from the public, only to show profits on their balance sheets and to satisfy their shareholders. But it is not so, because insurance, perform an important social role: they use funds collected from each, to compensate the public for their losses. Insurance are the mechanism by which people share risks.

Current reinsurance partners are SCOR, VIG Re, Hanover Re, Polish Re, Partner Re, Europa Re etc.
This is also our goal to ensure all our customers, and third parties who are affected by the actions of our customers, to be compensated in the event of a loss. They will be compensated with the fair value for the damage they have suffered.

No need for anyone to be suspicious for the insurance companies, and especially for ANSIG. Our policies are very easy to be read by everyone and our staff will explain all terms and conditions at any time. Our company will provide you at any moment, that all your insurance needs have the maximal coverage.

ANSIG is committed to preserve the purest form of insurance, as it was intended and designed with the establishment of the company three years ago: collection of your small amounts to benefit those in need!

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9 non- life insurance products

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